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Whether you have a high deductible HSA and need some supplemental protection to cover out-of-pocket expenses in case of an accident, or if you are uninsurable and need a plan to help minimize health-care related expenses overall, contact us for details on accident and disability income replacement coverage. Learn More

Cash to help you through serious illness or injury

We’re excited to share a new bundle of insurance benefits to complement your healthcare coverage. For as little as a few dollars a day, you can have help to pay for covered accident expenses. And with a covered critical illness, you can get cash in your hand to spend any way you need.


Extra help, so you can focus on healing

If you have an accident or are diagnosed with a critical illness, the last thing you want to worry about is money. You have health coverage for your medical bills. But other costs can pile up while you’re focusing on getting well. That’s where critical illness and accident insurance can help.


Payments go right to you. Use the money for whatever you need, like:

  • Mortgage payments

  • Credit cards

  • Car payments

  • Day care

  • Business costs


For just a couple of dollars a day, get a

helping hand when you need it most. 

Learn More

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